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A New Year... and new pricing for 2021 coming soon.

January 26, 2021

It's a new year and heading into our sixth year of EpicIDs!

The mission at EpicIDs has always been to create IDs of both impressive quality and design that are priced reasonably. As such, IDs are occasionally redesigned or enhanced and the price point has remained the same for over five years.

However, at this this time, especially since COVID-19 emerged, the pricing for supplies to create and pack IDs has increased as has shipping costs - USPS has had six price increases during this time with a seventh right around the corner.

Although prices will increase we'll be doing everything possible to enhance the quality of EpicIDs by redesigning and enhancing existing IDs, creating new IDs and the addition of new value-added features that are still in the works. 


The first step at enhancing the quality of our IDs was retiring all of the five year old equipment and replacing it with all new "state of the art" equipment. The new equipment has been installed at this point and In the coming weeks we'll be working out some compatibility issues which may slightly delay card shipments.