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The 'Epic IDs' Difference


We're not the cheapest... because we're the best!

If you’ve looked around online you’ve probably seen a number of people selling similar products… most likely for less money. However, many of these people are simply grabbing a single-sided card design from another website and printing it in low quality on paper stock and laminating it. They're less expensive because that's all they are... cheap laminated paper that came off a home inkjet printer which was the same old, low quality design quickly tossed together years ago by someone with little to no design experience and replicated by all these other online sources. Some other sellers offer designs that are simply the same exact design template with one or two different graphics on it and they call it a completely different ID.

Each ID we offer at Epic IDs is a unique, custom, double-sided, design with artwork produced by expert graphic designers, printed using the highest quality materials with a professional production process!

Additional options that we offer, which you won't see everywhere else, are:

Premium Lanyards, Magnetic Clips, Hidden UV Images (visible under black-lights), Real Chip Cards and Real Magnetic Strips and more!

– No one else even comes close!

These products are perfect for collecting, framing, hanging in your home, car, at work or in your locker at School. They’re the perfect addition you your cosplay, Halloween costume or any other fun use!
The last thing any cosplayer wants to do is put unnecessary holes in their awesome outfit! This is why our options also include single-sided cards with heavy duty magnetic clips to help prevent damage caused by conventional pin clips.

Not intended to be used under false pretenses with law enforcement and/or government agencies.
We do not, and will not, print any design that is representative of an actual government issued identification or bank issued cards. Including, not limited to, State Drivers Licenses, State IDs, Federal IDs, Social Security Cards, EBT, ATM or Credit Cards, etc.


Each and every one of our cards and card supplies are designed, produced and printed in the USA.
Our entire production start to finish, from card design to final print and card supplies, are all within the USA. Printed on-site, on-demand, in Massachusetts.


Not just piece-mailed from existing ID's online. Our exclusive cards are custom designed by professional graphic designers and copy-written by Epic IDs. With the exception of screen accurate prop replica cards, you won't find our cards anywhere else!


We don’t cheap out on our cards! We opt for highly durable film which is 3x more abrasion resistant. Composite 30mil PVC-PET cards which are much more durable and resistant to cracking or tearing than standard PVC cards. Our cards are completely waterproof, “over the edge”, High definition and printed utilizing industry preferred, highly recommended, professional grade specialty card printers on the market! Epic IDs are three times thicker than comparable "teslin" cards with a higher quality, crisper, image and no need to be laminated.

Each and every piece is custom printed, when ordered, individually inspected, carefully packaged and promptly shipped.


We’re Pop Culture fanatics and have seen too many bad ID’s out there! Your satisfaction guaranteed!
If you have any issues with your product simply contact us to make return/replacement arrangements. Return for refund option only available on non-personalized products.


We provide a full year warranty on all our cards. Something you won’t find anywhere else! If you experience any issues with your product simply contact us for return details. Once the defective card is returned to us we will inspect the card to determine the cause of the failure and promptly repair/replace the card at no charge.

Warranty is subject to reissue limitations which are the result of misuse, abuse and/or neglect. As determined solely by Epic IDs.

When handled correctly your Epic IDs product can last forever!