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  • "Army of Darkness" Ash
    (EpicIDs Customer)

  • "Shaun of the Dead"
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  • "MIB - Men in Black"
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  • "Stark Industries" -Virginia Potts
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  • "Orange Is the New Black"
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  • "iZombie" - Liv Moore
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  • "SHD - The Division"
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  • "Spongebob Squarepants"
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  • Certified Princess Card

  • Available for Santa or Mrs. Claus
    (Photo Personalized Also Available)

  • Surviving Night Shifts at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza: An Epic DIY Guide to Becoming a FNAF Night Guard

    Ready to lock yourself in for a thrilling night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza? The place of fantasy and fun (and maybe some scares) is not for the faint-hearted, especially when the sun goes down. With EpicIDs' range of "Night Guard Freddy Fazbear's Pizza FNAF ID Badges," you can personalize your way into the ultimate Five Nights at Freddy's experience.

    Gear Up: What You Need for the Shift

    • Navy Blue Security Guard Shirt: The darker, the better to blend into the dark corners!
    • Black Pants: Opt for comfort; you'll need it.
    • Flashlight: For checking those dark hallways and peeking through your security cams.
    • Security Cap: Optional but adds an air of authenticity.
    • EpicIDs FNAF ID Badge: Choose from multiple variants like "Standard," "Wide," "Tall," and even "Photo Personalized."

    Choose Your EpicIDs Badge: Personalize Your Night of Horror

    1. Standard: Basic yet effective, the "Night Guard Freddy Fazbear's Pizza FNAF ID Badge - Standard" is your gateway to the Five Nights universe.
    2. Wide and Photo Personalized: Spice it up with your own photo, name, ID number, and issued date with the "Night Guard Freddy Fazbear's Pizza FNAF ID Badge (Wide) [Photo Personalized]".
    3. Wide and Non-Photo Personalized: All the personalization, minus the photo! Choose the "Night Guard Freddy Fazbear's Pizza FNAF ID Badge (Wide) [Personalized]".
    4. Tall and Photo Personalized: Opt for portrait orientation with the "Night Guard Freddy Fazbear's Pizza FNAF ID Badge (Tall) [Photo Personalized]".
    5. Tall and Non-Photo Personalized: Go for the "Night Guard Freddy Fazbear's Pizza FNAF ID Badge (Tall) [Personalized]" for a sleek, photo-free look.
    6. Employee Version: Not cut out for security? Get the "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza FNAF Employee Name Badge [Personalized]" and opt for a bar pin, clip, or a magnetic clasp.

    Putting It All Together: Survive 'til 6 A.M.

    1. Dress in Layers: Start with the navy blue security shirt and black pants.
    2. Cap and Flashlight: Put on your security cap and holster that flashlight.
    3. Badge Up: Clip or hang your selected EpicIDs badge.

    Adding Personal Flair: Keep Those Animatronics Guessing

    • Add extra pockets for tools.
    • Wear sneakers for those quick, imaginary dashes to different rooms.

    Two Can Play This Game: Couples or Group Cosplay

    Want to pull off a group stint at Freddy's? Consider mixing and matching different EpicIDs badges, including the employee version for a well-rounded FNAF team!

    Ready for Your First Night?

    Armed with your EpicIDs badge, you're all set to navigate the jump scares and creepy animatronics. Remember, your first week on the job is usually a breeze. 😉

    Survived the Night? Share Your Tales!

    Show off your Five Nights at Freddy’s night guard persona by tagging EpicIDs in your social media posts. And if you’ve survived the night, surely you can survive hitting that “share” button!

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