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  • "Army of Darkness" Ash
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  • "Stark Industries" -Virginia Potts
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  • "Spongebob Squarepants"
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  • Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart: Your Epic DIY Guide to Becoming Ash from Army of Darkness

    Hail to the king, baby! Are you ready to defend S-Mart from the Deadites or just look groovy doing it? With EpicIDs' collection of 'Army of Darkness' S-Mart name badges, you're already halfway to becoming the one and only Ash Williams. So grab that boomstick and read on!

    Essential Gear: What You Need

    • Blue S-Mart Uniform Shirt: Don’t forget those signature red S-Mart smocks!
    • Khaki Pants: Preferably, ones you don't mind getting a little "deadite" on.
    • Brown Belt: For all your Ash-like accessories.
    • Boots: The darker, the better.
    • EpicIDs S-Mart Name Badge: Pick from personalized badges to Ash and Linda couple sets.

    Choose Your EpicIDs Badge: 

    1. Personalized: The "S-Mart 'Army of Darkness' Cosplay Replica Name Badge [Personalized]" lets you choose your name and department. Available in clean or dirty, blood-stained versions.

    2. Couples Cosplay: Double the fun with the "S-Mart Ash and Linda 'Army of Darkness' Couples Cosplay Replica Name Badge Set". Also available in clean or dirty, blood-stained versions.

    3. Standard Ash: For the purists, we have the "S-Mart Ash Williams 'Army of Darkness' Cosplay Replica Name Badge", with the iconic "Ash" name already printed.

    All badges come with wearable options of a bar pin, clip, or a magnetic clasp.

    Assembling Your Gear: Groovy Style Tips

    1. Start Basic: Put on your blue S-Mart shirt and khaki pants.
    2. Accessorize: Use that brown belt to holster your imaginary boomstick or chainsaw.
    3. Badge It: Secure your selected EpicIDs badge on the shirt, and you're all set!

    Making It Your Own: Personal Flair

    • Consider adding a toy chainsaw or 'boomstick' (toy shotgun) to complete the look.
    • A little 'deadite' makeup wouldn't hurt, especially for those photo ops!

    For the Lovebirds: Couples Cosplay

    Planning to conquer the evil forces with your significant other? EpicIDs' Ash and Linda Couples Cosplay Replica Name Badge Set got you both covered. Trust us; it's a match made in S-Mart heaven!

    You Found It: The Perfect Ash Look

    So there you have it, a fool-proof guide to becoming S-Mart's most infamous employee. Whether you're defending Aisles 12 through 17 or simply taking a stroll through your local comic-con, you're sure to turn heads.

    Ready to Groove? Share Your Look!

    Don't forget to share your amazing Ash cosplay on social media. Just tag EpicIDs, and you might be the next King of all things groovy!

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