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Franchise Fan Support

Supporting Your Favorite Entertainment Franchise(s)


TiVo, online viewing, Netflix, and other options have started making it more difficult to accurately gauge the viewership and support of TV shows, Movies & Video Games. 

One good thing is that networks and studios are tracking online viewership better and better, and the actual site for a given show can more accurately assess online viewing.

But there are a few other ways to lend support to your favorite shows as well:

  • "Like" them on Facebook.
  • "+1" their site, articles, etc. using Google+
  • Send email feedback (or letters on actual paper) saying how much you love the show and are glad the network/station airs it.
  • Send Facebook/Twitter/Google+ messages that just remind other folks the show is airing that night and that it's a great show they should watch.
  • Follow the show on Twitter if it has an account, and retweet them.

With the fandom popularity, you don't need to search hard to find merch for the things you love anymore. Official t-shirts, figures, pretty much anything...


When you buy official merchandise, you're supporting creators and the people they trust to bring their visions to life. A significant amount of time, effort, and money goes into creating the franchise products that they want you to love, and to make sure those products meet their rigid specifications.

Sometimes, an IP holder -- the parent company of a franchise -- with the time, means, money, and resources will create their own products. In many other cases, you're dealing with a product made by a smaller company or even home businesses, created with their own money. By not supporting these smaller companies, you're denying often locally-sourced businesses, who may even be fans in their own right, the recognition and monetary compensation they deserve.