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  • Barden University Student ID - Bumper Allen

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    Step into the dynamic world of Pitch Perfect with our meticulously crafted "Barden University Student ID - Bumper Allen Edition." This emblematic keepsake embodies the essence of Barden University, where musical rivalry, showmanship, and unforgettable performances converge. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the movies or seek to capture the bravado of Bumper Allen's persona, this Student ID is an indispensable addition to your ensemble.


    • Exclusive Design: With unmatched precision, the Student ID mirrors Bumper Allen's unmistakable flair during his time at Barden University.

    • Personalized Details: Each ID is emblazoned with Bumper Allen's name, student number, and the academic issuance year, providing a genuine feel.

    • Premium Materials: Printed on top-tier PET Composite materials, the ID reverberates with the fervor and excitement of treblemaker life.

    • Character Connection: Dive deep into the world of Pitch Perfect and revisit Bumper's audacious journey as a Barden treblemaker.

    • Collectible Keepsake: Proudly showcase it amidst your fandom treasures or use it as an icebreaker among fellow aficionados.

    • A Salute to Bumper Allen: Commemorate the audacity, charisma, and musical talent of Bumper Allen with this distinctive Student ID. Whether you're a loyalist or an admirer of standout movie sequences, this keepsake invites you to hold onto a fragment of Barden University's treblemaker legacy.

    Celebrate the Unforgettable: Whether you're a cinephile, an a cappella aficionado, or someone who values unforgettable college memories, the "Barden University Student ID - Bumper Allen Edition" stands as a cherished relic in your collection. Let it whisk you back to the world of vocal battles and collegiate camaraderie, rekindling the magic of the Pitch Perfect series.

    Revel in the legacy of Bumper Allen and his indelible mark at Barden University with this Student ID. Display it with pride, letting Barden's spirited ambiance permeate your space, evoking memories of the vocal charisma that enchanted audiences globally.

    Made for fans, by fans!
    EPICIDs® are Fan-Art and not Officially Licensed Merchandise.

    Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship by Epic IDs
    Discover the world of unique design and impeccable quality with Epic IDs. Our ID cards are more than accessories; they are masterpieces crafted with precision. Dive into the specifications:

    Material Excellence:

    • Composition: Utilizing a durable PVC-PET composite material, with PVC material for Real Chip and/or Mag Strip IDs, we ensure resilience and longevity.
    • Size: Standard CR80 size of 3.375" × 2.125" (85.6 mm × 54 mm), fitting comfortably in wallets.
    • Thickness: A robust 30mil thickness guarantees durability.
    • Finish: High-Definition print with vibrant, sharp color reproduction and a glossy finish - a testament to quality.

    Artistic Excellence:

    • Themed Designs: Catering to specific fandoms, movies, series, and pop culture, our exclusive designs create a special connection with your favorite characters or themes. Whether it's for cosplay, Halloween costumes, or simply celebrating your passion, our cards are made to complement the experience.
    • Collaboration with Fans: We value the ideas and feedback from the community, and our designs are often shaped in accordance with the preferences and requests of fans like you.
    • Craftsmanship Focus: Our team's eye for detail extends to handpicked materials, colors, and fonts, ensuring each card is a work of art.
    • Quality Assurance: Uncompromising attention to detail and originality.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Waterproof: Designed for an active lifestyle, resilient against moisture.
    • Cosplay Companion: Authenticity and flair for every ensemble.
    • Collector’s Dream: Ideal for fans, collectors, and pop culture enthusiasts.
    • Top-Notch Production: Using specialty card printers for professional results.

    Choose Epic IDs - Experience Excellence
    Embrace the world of innovative design and unmatched quality. Our ID cards are a gateway to experiences that resonate with your passions. Don't just buy an ID; invest in a piece of art that celebrates you. Explore our diverse collection today, and let Epic IDs elevate your experience.