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  • "Army of Darkness" Ash
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  • "Shaun of the Dead"
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  • "Stark Industries" -Virginia Potts
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  • "Orange Is the New Black"
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  • "iZombie" - Liv Moore
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  • "SHD - The Division"
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  • "Spongebob Squarepants"
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  • Unleash Your Inner Zombie Slayer: The EpicIDs Ultimate DIY Shaun of the Dead Costume Guide

    2 min read

    "Take car. Go to Mum's. Kill Phil. Grab Liz. Go to the Winchester. Have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over." Are you prepared for "Z-Day"? With a handful of everyday items and the "Foree Electric 'Shaun of the Dead' Cosplay Replica Name Badge" from EpicIDs, you'll be sipping cold ones at the Winchester in true Shaun style!

    Materials Needed: The Ultimate "Z-Day" Checklist

    • Red Tie: Perfect for boardroom meetings or zombie bashing.
    • White Dress Shirt: The multi-purpose attire for both work and an apocalypse.
    • Black Pants: Classy dress pants for the office, rugged jeans for zombie dodging.
    • Fake Blood: To capture that just-had-a-tussle-with-a-zombie look.
    • Cricket Bat: Your trusty tool for fending off the undead.
    • Foree Electric 'Shaun of the Dead' Cosplay Replica Name Badge: Available in a clean version for pre-apocalypse Shaun or a dirty, blood-stained version for mid-apocalypse Shaun!

    Creating your costume


    • Prepare for your big day by watching Shaun of the Dead to nail the look, and because the movie is EPIC!


    • Make like Shaun and plan wisely—no need to splurge unnecessarily when you may already have most of the costume in your closet!

    Assembling Your Costume: You've Got Red on You

    1. Red Tie of Heroism
      • Because this hero wears a tie, not a cape!
    2. Multipurpose White Dress Shirt
      • A basic white shirt is perfect; it's the blank canvas for your "you've got red on you" moment.
    3. Pants: Dress or Dare
      • Shaun proves you can outrun zombies in both dress pants and jeans.
    4. EpicIDs Foree Electric 'Shaun of the Dead' Cosplay Replica Name Badge
      • Complete your look with this EpicIDs essential!

    Accessorizing: More Than a Light Snack

    • Your Trusty Cricket Bat: For when you have to explain, "I'm taking a shortcut."
    • Fake Blood: A splattering of blood makes any encounter more "touching."

    Tips for Customization: Don't Stop Me Now!

    Whether you prefer your Shaun "freshly pressed" or "blood-stained," EpicIDs offers both versions of the Foree Electric name badge to make it uniquely yours.

    Couples Cosplay: For Love and Zombies

    Thinking of teaming up? Grab some old LP record's and check out EpicIDs Landis Grocers "Mary" name tag for the perfect partner in crime. For more tips, explore the EpicIDs Shaun of the Dead "Mary" Landis Grocers Cosplay Guide and prepare for a match made in post-apocalyptic heaven!

    Ready to Take on Z-Day Like a Pro?

    With your EpicIDs Foree Electric 'Shaun of the Dead' Cosplay Replica Name Badge, you're not just another member of the shambling horde. You're Shaun! Now, how's that for a slice of fried gold?

    Get Ready to Slay!

    Gather your survival kit and share your killer looks. 

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