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Epic IDs

S-Mart Ash Williams 'Army of Darkness' Cosplay Replica Name Badge

This item can be personalized with your own name and job title!
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Hail to the king, baby!

This employee name badge is a fan made prop replica like the one worn by Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams) in the Army of Darkness.
Perfect for collecting, cosplay or as a gift for any fan of Bruce Campbell or Army of Darkness!

Realism options are "Reproduction" which has a embossed label effect or "Replica" for the highest authenticity with a real embossed labels!

Available in a
Clean or Dirty, Blood Stained version for that before or after look you want.

For the ultimatein cosplay get both (combo discount) and progress your costume throughout the day...
Choose from three wearable options - Bar Pin (as shown), Clip or Magnetic.

This is a replica name badge which is perfect for any fan of Army of Darkness!
Like all of our EPICIDs these aren't just cheap laminated paper. They're high resolution, edge to edge, durable PVC-PET composite 'plastic style' cards which are made to last!

EPIC IDs are fan made designs, not officially licensed merchandise. - Made for fans, by fans!