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Black Tusk Special Unit (BTSU) 'The Division 2' Operative ID Card [Photo Personalized]

This item can be personalized with your own photo and extensive details!

Black Tusk Special Unit is a private military company that operate based on their chilling vision of a new world order, and they fervently believe in their role as the harbingers and military guardians of that order. Belief in their vision's purity lets the Black Tusk terminate anything that threatens it - U.S. soldiers, national security operatives (like The Division), civil servants, civilians - without hesitation or remorse. Men, women, children, the elderly... nobody is an innocent bystander according to Black Tusk rules of engagement.

This custom BTSU identification shows that you're a Black Tusk operative and provides full access to everything you need to complete your mission!
This high resolution, edge to edge, double-sided card is perfect for any "Division" gamer!

EPIC IDs are fan-made designs, not officially licensed merchandise. - Made for fans, by fans!