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'Tis The Season' Premium Photo Card Package

Have your holiday photo printed on premium quality, double-sided composite cards. The cards and print are extremely durable and will last for several years as it is resistant to scratches, water and general wear and tear.The perfect gift for any couples or family members with little ones.

Message on back reads, as shown, [Wishing you a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year]
or - personalize with your own message... for free... nadda...nothing extra at all!

Photo Quality Is Important To The Production Of A Truly Epic Card!

Use the best-quality image possible. The recommended size/settings are 2000 pixels at 300 dpi. If your image is below the minimum resolution/size requirements rescan or retake the photo. Do not increase resolution/size in photo editing software as low-resolution images cannot be increased without loss of image quality.

When taking or scanning digital images, we recommend that you set your camera or scanner to the highest possible resolution.

Additional photo tips include:

Look directly at the camera, use a flash, stand directly infront of a solid background, check for excessive shadowing and fly-away-hair.

Your image will be reproduced as it appears. In some cases, we may crop the image for size, to fit the product you order. Backgrounds without excessive shadows will produce the best results.