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Novelty Junior Driver's License, Class: K - For Kids [Photo Personalized]

Children often like to have what their parents have and this includes having a realistic 'Drivers License'. 
Well, since the federal and state registry/department of motor vehicles won't give your kid a license for their tricycle, big-wheel or power wheels motorized vehicle - we offer this novelty Juniors Driver's License.
This "Class K" (for Kid) license indicates on the back that it is for use with "Foot powered or motorized plastic vehicles, less than 70lbs such as Tricycles, Big-Wheels, Power Wheels or comparable vehicles."
Like all of our EpicIDs this isn't just cheap laminated paper, it is a PVC-PET composite card that gives the look and feel of a real ID for your kids to enjoy!
Just keep that big-wheel under 15mph!