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Epic IDs

Litchfield Penitentiary 'OITNB' Inmate Wearable ID Badge - Reznikova, Galina (Red)

Don't get caught roaming around the prison without your 'Identification Card'.
All persons, both inmates and guards, are required to maintain and show proper identification at all times!
Failure to do so will result in a night in the SHU for inmates and a written warning, or termination, for guards!

This is a high resolution, edge-to-edge, 'rare' double sided prop replica from Epic IDs made of durable, premium composite (PVC-PET) materials. Ideal for any fan of the OITNB (Orange is the New Black) television series.

Perfect for Conventions such as Comic con, Halloween Costumes, TV Viewing Parties, Collecting as Entertainment Memorabilia, Gifting to another fan!