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Epic IDs

The Walking Dead Convention Attendee Wallet Sized Autograph Cards (3-Pack)

Using paper photos for your autograph leaves you potentially dealing with fading, bending, folding, ripping and the risk of moisture damage!

Paper photos typically start at around $10 or more from convention vendors as well. Then you need to store and display your autographs which can be a chore when they're all 8x10 photos and you have dozens or more. These compact 'wallet sized' autograph cards are a great solution as well as being the better, and cheaper, alternative!
Also, customizable with the convention name and date so you'll always remember when you met your favorite Walking Dead character!

Do I still need to use a protective sleeve?
YES - We recommend that you store your autograph in a protective sleeve. This will prevent it from getting scratched as well as excessive cleaning of the cards surface from handling.

What type of marker should be used when signing the card?
As the card is a glossy, non-porous, waterproof material we highly recommend using a Sharpie Extra-Fine Oil-Based Paint-Marker. This type of marker will give you the best results providing a crisp autograph, longevity and be resistant to water, fading and abrasion.

However, you may choose to use any permanent marker when having this card signed.

These are exclusive concept autograph cards which are perfect for convention autograph memorabilia! Like all of our EPICIDs these aren't just cheap laminated paper. They're high resolution, edge to edge, durable PVC-PET composite 'plastic style' cards which are made to last!

It is highly recommended that your autograph be signed using a permanent marker such as a Sharpie. (This is standard at conventions)

Disclaimer: This product is deemed "fan art" and as such there may be rare cases, very rare, where a celebrity may refuse to sign it on the grounds that it is not "officially licensed merchandise".

EPIC IDs are fan made designs, not officially licensed merchandise. - Made for fans, by fans!

The Walking Dead is the trademark of AMC
This product is not an official TWD product and is not licensed or endorsed by said companies.