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Epic IDs

Last Man Batallion (LMB) 'The Division' Soldier ID Card [Photo Personalized]

This item can be personalized with your own photo and extensive details!
Also available in an ID Badge style!

The Last Man Battalion, better known as the LMB, is a private military company led by Charles Bliss. The LMB was hired by prestigious Wall Street companies to protect valuable papers during the outbreak but were abandoned when the crisis worsened. Now they aim to retake New York and establish a new world order by force. Compared to the other factions, they employ far more specialists with more advanced gear, and their positions are more heavily fortified.
This high resolution, edge to edge, double-sided card is perfect for any "Division" gamer!

EPIC IDs are fan-made designs, not officially licensed merchandise. - Made for fans, by fans!